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General Information

Terms of use:


  • The user may search within the databases of GenTeam and may use the results for his private research
  • He is not allowed to give any registration codes or results to third persons
  • GenTeam may refuse registration or stop access without any arguments
  • Commercial use of these databases is not allowed without express written permisson of GenTeam
  • A systematic reading of the databases is strictly forbidden
  • It is allowed that genealogists, researchers, historians, and others use these records in their publications using an exact reference. For example: GenTeam www.GenTeam.at, marriage index of Vienna, record number 12712 
  • Abuse of these regulations or any international and national (Austrian) law will bring an immediate ban of the user and a report to the police. Place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria
  • GenTeam has the right to store a protocol of registration codes and search strings.

As with every database, this collection will contain some mistakes. GenTeam is not responsible for any mistake in this collection or for mistakes which may be made through the use of these databases.