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Index of the Roman Catholic Baptisms for Vienna and its surroundings between 1585 and 1915

Beginning of the project: October 2012

In the 19th century approximately 3,5 million people from all the countries of the Habsburg Monarchy (and beyond) moved to Vienna. In 1910 Vienna’s population was approximately 2.1 million. Vienna was then the sixth largest city in the world. Almost all families in the monarchy had family connections to the city of Vienna.

Between 1784 and 1900 approximately 4-6 million children were born in Vienna. Unfortunately, to date there still is no central birth registry for Vienna besides the Jewish Birth Registry already published on www.GenTeam.eu.

In cooperation with Vienna parish offices, we have now begun to create this missing index and post it online. We will favor the Districts 1 – 9 for the years 1784 – 1900, even though parallel parish registers were started in other districts. Also, additional issues of various parishes are already work in progress. We review the existing indices; subsequently they will be rearranged on transparencies, compared with the original entries and then corrected as needed. Thus, the quality of the index will be assured. At this time are approximately 1,18 million entries available.

The following individuals have collaborated in this project: 

Martina Ecker, Felix Gundacker, Helga Hörmann, Eva Korbl, Elisabeth Kultscher, Georg Kummerfeldt, Cindy Lindau, Thomas Lobner, Georg Marlovits, Alexander Masak, Daniela Mathuber, Lisi Maxa, Marta Melchart, Suzanne Morris, Dr. Günter Oppitz, Angelika Panzer, Andrea Reiter, Ernst Schroth, Gerda Smodej, Jesko Stampa, Judith Starke, HR DI Leopold Strenn, Wolfgang Sturm, Heidi Sugden, Margarethe Tetzl, Walter Thurner, Mireille Trauner, Margit Urbanek, Christine Weiß und Werner Zinser.

01 Bürgerspital 1621-1785
01 Franziskaner 1785-1792
01 Hofburg 1755-1913
01 Maria Rotunda (Dominikaner) 1783-1938
01 Schotten 1784-1915
01 St. Augustin 1783-1900
01 St. Augustin Protestanten 1784-1848
01 St. Barbara (griechisch katholisch) 1792-1900
01 St. Elisabeth 1833-1898
01 St. Michael 1784-1900
01 St. Peter 1793-1900
01 St. Rosalia 1721-1758
01 St. Stefan 1825-1900
02 St. Josef 1783-1855
02 St. Leopold 1773-1900
02 Strafhaus 1791-1833
03 Erdberg 1914-1915
03 Landstrasse 1851-1900
03 Rennweg 1784-1900
03 St. Marx 1669-1784
03 St. Othmar (unter den Weißgärbern) 1874-1900
04 St. Elisabeth 1866-1900
04 St. Karl 1783-1855
04 Wieden (Paulaner) 1783-1792
05 St. Josef Margareten 1856-1900
05 St. Florian (Matzleinsdorf) 1784-1894
06 Gumpendorf 1875-1877
06 Mariahilf 1783-1900
06 St. Josef ob der Laimgrube 1783-1900
07 Altlerchenfeld 1783-1900
07 Schottenfeld 1786-1900
07 St. Ulrich 1866-1898
08 Alservorstadt Pfarre 1882-1889
08 Breitenfeld 1898-1900
08 Gebäranstalt 1889-1899
08 Mariatreu (Piaristen) 1780-1900
09 Lichtental 1860-1902
09 Rossau 1783-1900
09 Spital in der Rossau 1713-1720
09 Votivkirche 1880-1915
10 St. Anton 1900-1914
10 Sankt Johann Evangelist 1896-1898
12 Meidling 1900
18 Währing 1876
18 Pötzleinsdorf 1783-1909
19 Döbling 1850-1921
19 Grinzing 1784-1859
21 Floridsdorf St. Jakob 1900
21 Leopoldau 1872-1898


The parish registers will be available online in the near future; some are free of charge already partially accessible at www.matricula-online.eu. Thus, the researcher has relatively quick access to the original entries, even though here and there might be multiple entries.

I invite you all to help with this fascinating project. Neither travel nor visits to parish offices are required; the indices can be furnished in digital form. There are only a few typed indices, fewer beautifully hand-written and some not so beautiful hand-written indices available; however, I am sure, there will be something for everybody who is interested in helping.

If you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kind regards,

Felix Gundacker